Sore throat covids are very rare, but are a threat to the health of everyone who has them.

The virus is a chronic respiratory disease which affects up to half a million people every year and kills over 30,000 people a year in the UK alone.

In the past, people were advised to take cough and cold vaccines but not cough and influenza.

This time, the advice is the opposite and is to vaccinate all the population.

“We need to get this message across to the public, particularly the elderly,” said Dr John Taylor, a senior lecturer at the School of Public Health at the University of Leeds.

“There is a high proportion of people who have chronic coughs, and a lot of them may not have been vaccinated against this virus, which is a major problem in the community.”

As part of the campaign, RTE will be publishing a report which will look at the effectiveness of the vaccines in the current outbreak and in the past.

In its latest report, published on Tuesday, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said that the vaccine would reduce the incidence of the virus by almost 50 per cent and save lives.

This is compared to a rate of about 7 per cent for cough and flu.

However, experts said that there were risks with this vaccine, such as the fact that it can cause a milder form of the cold.

“It’s not a great idea for someone who is in the early stages of cough and the virus is still active in their body,” said Professor Michael Killeen, an expert in the area of cough.

“They’re still coughing up something that’s going to be extremely toxic to their body.

The vaccine doesn’t help that.

If they take the shot at the start of the pandemic it will probably be just as effective as if they didn’t.”

Another risk to the elderly is that the vaccines are likely to be effective in older people who cannot or will not be vaccinated.

“If you are elderly and have an underlying illness then you’re more likely to get the flu than someone who’s younger,” Professor Killeon said.

“The vaccines do a good job at protecting the elderly, but if you’re not vaccinated you’re still going to get colds.”

‘There’s a high risk’ of over-vaccination The report from the RCP also looked at the risks posed by over-exposure to vaccine ingredients.

The RCP found that there was a high chance that there could be a link between the introduction of certain vaccine ingredients and a higher risk of colds, flu and cough.

These include: MSG, a synthetic flavour agent used to flavour food and drinks, is also known as MSG Plus, the MSG-containing food ingredient that has been linked to an increased risk of a cold or flu.

There are more than 20 types of MSG and it has been shown to cause damage to the lining of the nasal passages, leading to asthma, asthma exacerbations and pneumonia.

A small number of studies have shown a link to the development of autism.

There is also a risk that some vaccines may not be safe for young children, due to an over-supply of the ingredients.

“This is a problem for a lot people in the elderly population who are immunocompromised,” said RCP’s Professor Kileen.

“These elderly people are not going to have a problem with their coughs and they’ll get their vaccinations, but they will also be more vulnerable to getting colds because of the lack of protection they get from their medicines.”

‘We need more research’ The RCS is a body of experts and academics from around the world.

The group was established in 2011 to provide a forum for scientists to discuss and share knowledge and information on vaccines and immunisation issues.

“For a long time, it has not been clear what vaccines are safe, effective and cost-effective,” said Prof Killean.

“What is known is that vaccines are effective, but there are risks with them, including for the elderly.”

He said that while the RCS was the main body of research, there are other groups that have made valuable contributions.

“One of those groups is the RCS,” he said.

The Royal College is currently working on a report on the effectiveness and safety of influenza vaccines and how to improve the effectiveness.

This will be published in 2018.

Dr Taylor said that it was important to emphasise that there are no perfect vaccines, and that more research needed to be done to understand exactly what the vaccines do and how they work.

“Even if we have a vaccine, we still have to look at its effects on the elderly and the elderly need to be educated about their own risk factors,” he added.

“I’m sure the research is going to continue, but we need to look more closely at what these vaccines do.”

The Royal Colleges Vaccine Advisory Group is working to improve and standardise vaccine formulations and to identify and monitor all the ingredients in the vaccines and the


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