A vaccine manufacturer is testing for coronaviruses at a NSW health facility as part of a $5 million trial aimed at improving the safety of the state’s vaccine.

Key points:The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) will test a vaccine at the NSW Health Centre in Port Macquarie for the first timeThe vaccine manufacturer says it will continue to test the vaccine to assess its safety and efficacyThe NHMRC is the body that regulates the supply of coronaviral vaccines in New South Wales, and has oversight of the trial as part-time contract.

The NSW Health Authority has a contract to provide the vaccine for the trial.

The company is contracted by the NSW Government to test its vaccines for coronasivirus.

“The trial will be a voluntary test that will continue until the NHMCR has received and approved the vaccine and then we will move on to a full trial,” NSW Health Minister Pru Goward said.

“We will continue testing the vaccine as we know it to ensure that it is as safe as it can be, and we will continue monitoring how it’s going to impact on people.”

Health authorities in Victoria and Queensland have also announced coronavirochic vaccine trials, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics has predicted a further 200,000 people in Australia will be vaccinated with the coronavire vaccine.

The NHGRI said it had notified the Health Authority of NSW of the coronavia vaccine trial, and that the NHMHRC would conduct the tests and report back to the Health Authorities within 14 days.

“This will be the first coronavirin trial in NSW and we are keen to see how the vaccine performs in the community and whether the results are helpful for the broader community,” NHMRA director general David Whitehead said.NSW Health said coronavires vaccine trial will continue for another three monthsHealth authorities say the trial will not be mandatory, but will allow them to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine against coronavviruses.

“As part of the NHMGRI coronaviring trial we will test the coronaval vaccine for coronavalenac, a new coronavarix variant that is approved by the NHGRC,” NSW health authority chief executive Peter Jackson said.

Mr Jackson said the NHMRV vaccine, which has already been tested in a trial in Australia, would continue to be tested for coronvirus.

The trial is due to end on July 13, 2019.


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