RTE has produced a cover letter to a group of female leaders who say the government’s proposed bill on sexual assault is discriminatory, damaging to the mental health and wellbeing of women and will put their families and communities at risk.

The letter is a response to a series of articles published in the Irish Times this week about the legislation. 

The letters have been published in a series covering various issues and the Government has been criticised for not releasing the letter.

The Government has defended the legislation, saying it will ensure women’s safety and ensure that sexual violence does not affect men.

The group includes a group from the Association of Catholic Women and the Association for Christian Women. 

“Women’s mental health is the most important issue that women face in society,” said a spokesperson for the letter, which was produced by the group, and was produced to the Minister for the Status of Women, Joan Burton. 

This is a serious concern for us and we want to make clear that we support this proposal and that the proposed legislation is designed to protect women from sexual violence. 

These women are not saying that this is the best thing that has ever happened, or that it is something that is going to make them happy, they are saying that it’s a matter of serious concern and they are asking that we ensure that women are protected and we support the legislation that is proposed. 

It is a concern that women who are victims of sexual violence, for example, are not being heard in this debate, said the spokesperson. 

RTE’s cover letter is written by an Irishwoman who is also a feminist and has worked for RTE for many years. 

Read more about the issues raised by the legislation: Women in Ireland The letter comes after a series published this week in the National Review, a conservative American magazine, and the Irish Daily Mirror, which both argued the proposed changes would make women less safe. 

While RTE was unable to comment on the letter at the time of publication, the spokesperson for Minister Burton said she was aware of the issue. 

In a statement to the Irish Independent, the Minister said she had no doubt the legislation was fair.

“The proposed legislation will ensure that all women have a safe environment in which to report crimes, including those which are against their own bodies,” Ms Burton said.

“It will also ensure that rape victims, as well as their families, can seek justice and support from those who may be affected by the crime. 

We are committed to protecting women’s mental and physical health and that is why we are in this position to address the concerns of these women.” 

The Minister said that a review of the legislation will be carried out by a professional body to be chaired by an independent body. 

However, the Government is yet to release the recommendations of that body.


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