More than 4 million people in Australia have contracted COVID-19 and coronovirus has claimed the lives of more than 3,400 Australians.

As of today, the number of Australians with COVID disease has fallen to 2.8 million, with coronavid deaths down to 1,735, and COVID vaccine coverage up to 70 per cent.

There is an increased risk of developing COVID from the virus.

However, it is not clear if the coronaviral disease is causing the increase in deaths or whether there is a change in the virus that is causing a decrease in the number in Australia.

Dr Rianne Stacey, from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, said the coronoviral disease was the biggest killer of Australians aged over 60.

“It is a pandemic that is rapidly spreading,” Dr Stacey said.

“The increase in COVID was a huge challenge.

It is the biggest public health challenge in Australia in recent times.”

Dr Stacey is also responsible for the national COVID surveillance program and has developed a way to monitor coronavides.

“We are at the peak of this pandemic, which is not surprising because of the rapid spread and the lack of effective response, but it’s a real challenge,” Dr Sneddon said.

The National Health and Family Planning Council is currently testing COVID vaccination.

Dr Stace said there were a number of ways to protect oneself from the coronivirus.

“If you’re getting the right vaccine you can get very good protection against coronavire, but that also means you can have a very good chance of getting other illnesses that are not as serious,” she said.

Dr Snedden said it was important to remember that COVID is a disease of the body and the virus does not cause cancer.

“You can get a disease from an organism.

You can get the flu from the influenza virus,” she noted.”

There are some cancers which you can treat by vaccinating against them.”

But for COVID it is a much more complex disease, and you can’t just go to the hospital and get the vaccine and expect to be protected.

“There is a risk that COVI could spread to non-vaccinated people and even those who are vaccinated.

Dr Lachlan Bell, from Western Australia Health and Development, said people should not become complacent about the risks posed by COVID.”

I think the main thing is we’ve seen that people are just trying to protect themselves, to get as much protection as they can,” Dr Bell said.



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