OHIO (AP) Ohioans who need a shot for COVID 19 should get one by June 2nd to protect themselves against the coronavirus, the state health department said Monday.

The announcement came after Gov.

John Kasich and state health officials issued a joint statement about the outbreak.

“The governor has directed his Health and Human Services Department to make sure every Ohioan has a shot by June 20, and he will be announcing it in a letter to the governors office by Friday,” Kasich said in the statement.

The health department’s announcement came as Ohio officials said they have already vaccinated nearly 1,000 people, and they said the total number of people in their care has nearly tripled to nearly 13,000 since the coronatirus outbreak began in early October.

The state is now seeing more than 600 new cases a day, with more than 1,800 confirmed and suspected cases, according to state health spokesman Greg Schmaler.

Ohioans are getting a shot every 15 days.

Ohioans can receive a shot on the second Friday of every month, or at the beginning of a new month, if they have the vaccine by the end of April.

A doctor will need to get the new shot for every Ohio resident.

The department said people should stay home from work and schools and avoid outdoor activities.

Anyone who does not have the shot by May 10 can go to a health department clinic and get it from the pharmacy.

Anyone who doesn’t have the right shot should be tested and vaccinated on their first visit to a doctor, Schmalers office said.

The first dose is made of three shots of COVI-19 vaccines: two doses of the second shot that is administered through the nose, and the third shot that passes through the body.

The third dose contains an additional shot of the fourth vaccine that is given by injection.

The governor ordered a review of the program on Friday after the first dose of COVA-19 was delivered.

In that review, he asked for input from the public, and on Monday, he said he has ordered a second review.

Health officials say people can expect a peak count of COVE-19 cases by May 24.