covid vaccinations are not required for anyone, even if they have pre-existing conditions.

That means that they do not make it easy for people to get vaccinated.

As a result, people are taking their chances with unvaccinated friends and relatives.

The number of people who have had a vaccine-preventable COVID-19 has been around the 1.2 million mark since October, but the numbers have been dropping steadily since November, according to the World Health Organization.

The CDC says that the number of Americans who are undervaccinated is more than 3 million.

The agency has said that about 6.4 million people have been vaccinated, which means that around a third of the country’s population has been vaccinated.

That’s a lot of people.

But, of course, the fact that there is such a large number of unvaccined people is a big problem.

The fact that people who are in the vaccine program are also disproportionately likely to have prefectural clusters, the researchers wrote, means that the country is “significantly underestimating” the number and severity of COVIDs that it’s actually catching.

They also noted that the U.S. health system has a very poor record of preventing COVID outbreaks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, has recorded 1,099 confirmed cases of COVS in the U, and there have been 734 confirmed cases since 2009.

According to a recent study, the U., like many other countries, doesn’t track COVID vaccination rates, making it difficult to accurately assess the true risk of COV-19.

And, as the New York Times reported, the CDC’s coronavirus data “are notoriously incomplete.”

A CDC report last year showed that while the U to date has recorded more than 4.2 billion infections and 9.4 billion deaths, only 3.6 percent of those cases are traced to COVID.

“The U. S. is a leader in coronaviruses, yet it is failing to protect its population from these devastating diseases,” the researchers concluded.


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