NEW YORK (AP) The United States is poised to see a record number of coronavirus cases this year, with at least 11,500 new cases and at least 9,400 new cases confirmed, the latest milestone in the country’s record-setting pace of infections.

The National Center for Health Statistics says there were 7,836,000 people diagnosed with the virus in the United States in June, a new high, and nearly 10,000 deaths.

There are more than 40,000 new cases each day, up from about 10,800 in the same period last year.

The numbers come after President Donald Trump declared a public health emergency for the United Kingdom and the United Nations to prepare for a surge of coronvirus cases, including in New York.

Trump has urged Americans to get the coronaviruses vaccine and has pledged to impose strict rules on how hospitals and nursing homes treat the sick.

The coronavirem vaccine is expected to be available to consumers at the beginning of July.

The coronaviral pandemic, the second-worst since the pandemic of 1918, has killed more than 4,000 Americans, more than 10,700 have died in China and more than 500,000 have been hospitalized in the past two years.

The virus has also infected more than 200 million people worldwide, and more deaths have been recorded than the total deaths from the 1918 pandemic.


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