NJ Health officials say there are 19 cases in three counties in New Jersey that are linked to a NVCOVIS-19 vaccine and the governor has ordered the state’s coronavirus response team to begin distributing NVCOVE vaccines to those who have tested positive.

The New Jersey Department of Health said in a statement Friday that it has identified 19 cases that were reported on Friday in Middlesex County, New Brunswick, and Monmouth County.

The New Jersey Division of Public Health has ordered vaccine distribution to the counties, where the first case of the coronaviruses COVID-18 and COVID and CNV-19 was detected in a child in a family on Wednesday.

A total of 2,096 cases of COVID were confirmed in the United States as of Thursday, according to the CDC.

New Jersey has seen an average of 3.6 new cases of coronaviral illness per day since the virus was first identified in the U.S. on Oct. 2.

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, a Republican, ordered the coronaval vaccination campaign on Friday.

The governor said Thursday that the state will not vaccinate children until they are 6 months old.

“We must have our children vaccinated before they are a year old.

And then after that, the state has to be prepared,” Christie said.

Christie said the new vaccination strategy is not about stopping the spread of the virus but is about preventing a new epidemic.

Covid, which is caused by coronaviroids, can cause pneumonia, encephalitis, and death.

The state’s current vaccination campaign includes distributing more than 5 million doses of NVSCV vaccine to children under 6 months and 6,000 doses of the COVID vaccine to adults ages 6 to 65.

NJHealth said that the new coronavid vaccination strategy will begin as soon as Friday morning.

Officials with New Jersey’s Division of Health Services and the Office of the Director of Public and Behavioral Health said Friday that they will begin distributing COVID vaccinations to people who tested positive for COVID in the state.

The new vaccine will be distributed on Monday.

Officials said that no additional cases of the infections have been reported from the three counties and that it is not possible to predict when the vaccines will be available.

More: Gov.

Christie: NJ will vaccinate 4 million NVSCv vaccine doses before October.

More: NVSCVs vaccines are not available for children until the next birthday.

More: NJ Dept. of Health says NVCOV vaccine distribution will begin this weekend.More …


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