A new virus that’s spreading throughout the world could be spreading from one human to another within hours, and could even be transmitted to people who don’t have the virus.

This is according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The new virus, called WNV-13, is found in a number of different animals including rodents, dogs, and cats.

It was discovered in 2016 by a team at the University of California, San Diego.

Now, the team has discovered it in humans as well.

Researchers found that people with the WNV virus, known as COVID-19, who are not immunized, can become infected and can spread the virus between themselves, according to the researchers.

In addition, the virus can be transmitted between people in the same household and be passed to a second individual if they share a home.

In the new study, researchers tested COVID vaccine and the WNVR vaccine in 21 vaccinated and uninfected individuals.

All the participants who had received the vaccine had been vaccinated against COVID, and they all had normal immune responses to the vaccine.

However, those who had been infected with the virus had lower levels of immune cells than the uninfection group.

They also had a higher incidence of circulating coronavirus antibodies, which is known to trigger the production of coronaviruses.

All of the participants had detectable levels of COVID antibodies in their blood at the end of the study, but the levels in the uninformed group did not appear to be higher than in the vaccinated group.

It’s not clear why the immune cells of the uninected people are lower than the vaccinated, or how that happens.

However the team believes it’s because the COVID virus is a much more virulent virus than COVID.

COVID was first discovered in a dog in 2016.

The WNV outbreak in humans is only just beginning.

The researchers are still trying to figure out exactly what is causing the outbreak in the humans, and if the virus has already infected other animals.

The virus has been found in dogs, cats, mice, fish, and other animals, including human coronavirets.

The CDC is warning people to avoid getting vaccinated against the WNAV-17 virus, or at least not to share their vaccines with people who are immunized against COVEV-19.

However there is currently no vaccine for COVEVS.

The vaccine does not contain COVID’s virus, but it does contain a small portion of the human coronivirus.

It should still be used in humans if you are not already immunized.

WNV has not yet been shown to be a threat to humans.

However researchers are monitoring the virus closely and are trying to develop a vaccine.


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