New York City has become the epicenter of the national outbreak of coronavirus. 

As the second-largest city in the US, New York has become a magnet for people with a passion for vaccinating and spreading the word about the vaccine. 

It’s been a big challenge to get all the information out to people and get them the vaccine before it becomes available, but this week New York became the first city to get the first-ever covid immunization test and cover letter template. 

The covid testing is being offered in all the boroughs, but not necessarily in all locations. 

New Yorkers with a vaccination certificate, or a letter from a physician certifying they are healthy and well, can get vaccinated with the covid shot in a designated location. 

In New York, there will be two locations to get vaccinated: The first is the Health Department’s Immunization Centers, which will provide testing and cover letters. 

A second site will be located at the NYPD’s Vaccine Center, where people can sign up for a Covid Immunization Program. 

More information is coming soon. 

(h/t Daily Mail)