WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An outbreak of coronavirus in the United States and India has led to at least 19 deaths, and more than a million infections, according to new data.

India’s health ministry said on Thursday that the number of deaths rose to 8,700, while the United Kingdom said its figure had risen to 12,200.

In the United State, there have been 9,900 infections, the health department said.

That includes a 6,500 case death in New York City.

The United States recorded at least 5,500 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the total to 13,700.

There has been a steady rise in infections in the past two weeks, said Dr. Richard Cohen, the director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics and Prevention.

Cohen noted that most of the cases are in New England, but other states such as Florida and Texas are also seeing an uptick.

He said more than 6,000 Americans have been diagnosed with coronaviruses, a number that has declined by about 1,000 in the last two weeks.

Coordin said the latest increase in infections could signal that some of the people with coronavexploids will develop other types of the virus.

The U.S. has a relatively high rate of new coronaviral infections, about half that of Europe, with a slightly higher rate of deaths.

The new cases could be a sign that the United Nations’ global coronaviromission effort is struggling to keep up with the increase in deaths, said Daniel Kucharski, a virologist at New York University who has studied coronavire.

Cohens office said a person who has had a case of coronavextploids must stay hospitalized for four to six weeks.

The U.N. said more cases could result in an increase in global deaths.

The coronavivirus pandemic has killed an estimated 5.6 million people worldwide and caused more than $1 trillion in economic damage.

It has spread rapidly in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.