I was surprised by the increase in cases in Boston.

The CDC reported that New York reported 1,838 cases, up 2.4 percent from the previous week.

Boston reported 5,822 cases, a 2.5 percent increase from last week.

The LA County Medical Examiner’s Office reported 2,903 cases, which is a decrease of 8.4.

I’ve been told that LA is showing a slight increase in case activity.

The city of Los Angeles reported 3,094 cases, or about a 3 percent increase, and Los Alamos reported 3 and 7 percent increases, respectively.

The number of confirmed COVID cases has now reached 1,900,000, or 10,400 new cases per day.

The Boston Globe reports that in the past few weeks, there have been two new coronavirus infections.

The city of Boston reported one new case, which was confirmed as a COVID virus infection.

In the past week, the number of new cases in the U.S. has increased by over 1,000 cases per week, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

New cases are expected to increase significantly in the next few weeks.

As of March 10, there were over 5.8 million new cases reported globally.

[Photo via AP]