By David S. PogueThe Associated PressThe world’s third-largest economy has launched a massive public campaign aimed at bolstering cybersecurity across its enterprises, urging businesses to share and use information to help prevent cyberattacks and respond to cyberattacks in real time.

The campaign, launched by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, called for companies to use “common sense” and share information, such as who is using an application, in real-time to reduce risks of cyberattacks.

The government says that as of this month, China’s cyber-attacks are the world’s second largest, and it has identified more than 300 companies and individuals who are under cyberattack.

The initiative is the latest effort by China to try to combat cyberattacks on its critical infrastructure and has come as a new wave of cyber attacks have hit the U!


A spate of cyber-security breaches and cyberattacks has seen major businesses worldwide turn to social media, including for social media monitoring, social media management, and social media marketing.

The Chinese government has called for social networking companies to implement more security measures, including password-reset policies, in an effort to prevent cyber-criminals from exploiting weaknesses in the systems.

Chinese officials have also encouraged businesses to use technology to improve cybersecurity.

China’s Cybersecurity Law, signed in 2015, requires firms to take measures to increase security and prevent malicious hackers from exploiting their networked systems, and has increased penalties for security breaches, such that companies with less than $100 million in revenue can lose up to $300,000 in damages.

The new campaign also includes calls to the public for “shared understanding and common understanding” among businesses to “avoid and mitigate” cyberattacks, as well as to develop “common tools and systems to share information.”

China’s new cybersecurity strategy is not the first time the government has tried to make cybersecurity a priority.

In December, the government launched a $50 million initiative to improve cyber-defense technology, which included a $20 million fund to support research into cybersecurity.