OHIO, Ohio — An Ohio man says he’s had an outbreak of COVID in his home and he’s getting sick from the COVID vaccines.

Covid-19 is one of several strains of the coronavirus that is killing tens of thousands of Americans each year.

It’s the first coronaviral pandemic to have a high-profile US politician or public figure come forward with a vaccine and the second pandemic of its kind to be tied to a public health emergency.

Curtis St. Pierre was hospitalized Monday and his daughter, Rachel, told NBC News she was tested positive for the virus.

Rachel is the daughter of the congressman’s brother.

She said Curtis was a regular and he never once tested positive.

Rachel St.

Pierre said Curtis’ first test came back negative.

She said he had the vaccine as a baby.

The congressman has been in Washington, D.C., for the past two weeks.

He told reporters on Monday that he and his wife were traveling on a private jet on Thursday when they were taken off the plane at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and taken to New York.

Rachel said she and her husband went to the hospital to get a test.

She says they went to see their daughter and then her mother.

The family says Rachel and Curtis are staying in a motel room with no power.

Rachel says Curtis never had a fever, cough or other symptoms.

She says her husband is in good spirits.

Catherine Schulte, executive director of the National Vaccine Information Center, told the AP the virus has been around for a long time.

She explained that coronaviruses have been in the news for many years and they are not very contagious.

She told the news agency that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found it’s “very difficult” for coronavires to be spread.

We’ve got to get rid of the virus in order to make the population healthier.

Schulte said people should be vaccinated to help keep people healthy.


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