WASHINGTON — CDC officials are warning Americans to avoid masks as coronaviruses continue to sweep through the U.S. in unprecedented numbers.

“CDC recommends that you do not wear masks when you are exposed to airborne coronavirs and to use only natural means of disinfection and self-protection,” the agency said in a public advisory Tuesday.

The agency warned that people in close contact with people with suspected cases of coronavira exposure should wear protective clothing, which includes face masks.

While the risk of transmission from a direct contact of a patient with suspected exposure is very low, contact with a patient at high risk of exposure could result in transmission.

As a precaution, CDC recommends that people wear face coverings for their own protection.

More:CDC advises Americans to not wear mask when they are exposed with airborne coronas CDC is asking people to contact their doctor if they have respiratory or other symptoms related to a case of coronavia infection, which can occur from close contact.

It is also encouraging people to use common sense and consider using other ways of self-protection.

People in close proximity to a person with suspected coronaviral exposure should not expose themselves to the respiratory tract of that person, the CDC said.

If you or someone you know is at risk of contact with someone with suspected or confirmed coronavire, contact your doctor right away.

CDC also encourages all Americans to report any possible case of contact to CDC’s contact-tracing service, available at http://contacttracing.cdc.gov.


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