The future, it seems, is about to become very familiar indeed: the new pandemic, dubbed the “CoVid19”, is going to hit us all.

It’s called the “world’s most contagious” pandemic because it’s spreading so quickly.

And because we’re all still in the dark about the virus, it’s very hard to catch and treat.

But, crucially, there’s a vaccine for CoVid 19, which can be given to all who are infected, and the only way to get that vaccine is to get vaccinated.

And that’s where we come in.

It’s not just about being vaccinated The CoVID19 vaccine is not available right now.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not given approval to the vaccine yet, and it’s still unclear when or if it will be.

It could be a couple of years before the vaccine will be ready for commercialisation.

That’s because it will take months for the FDA to make the final decision about when the vaccine should be licensed for sale.

And then there’s the matter of when the next pandemic will arrive.

It may be the first one, but there are still more than 50 different pandemics to deal with.

And the pandemic of COVID-19 will hit us hard This will not be the only pandemic in the near future.

There will be more than 40 other pandemys around the world, some of which are very bad.

So the fact that CoVids are so infectious will make the current pandemic far worse.

The global spread of COIDS is a combination of a few factors.

First, it is the second most contagious disease in history.

It spreads from person to person and from person-to-person.

People don’t realise how bad the virus can be until they’ve got symptoms.

CoVIDS can spread by direct contact with infected persons.

Second, COIDS can also be spread by other people, because the virus infects the mucus membranes of the noses, ears, and mouths of the infected.

Third, COIDs are highly contagious and can affect people all over the world.

Fourth, COVIDs are a very small virus, which means they are easy to spot.

And fifth, COID infections have been steadily increasing in the US, with a big spike in COIDS infections reported in 2016.

This has led to an increased demand for COIDS vaccines, and there is currently a shortage of the vaccine in the country.

But this is changing.

The vaccine is now being made available to anyone who has had a COIDS infection, and we have been in contact with a number of pharmaceutical companies to find ways to increase the availability of this vaccine.

This is the CoVidity19 vaccine, and its time to vaccinate our communities It’s also not just COIDS that we’re concerned about.

There’s a number also of other diseases, including flu and coronavirus, which are causing a huge surge in COVID infections worldwide.

We’ve already seen a lot of people infected with COVID who have not had COIDS.

But what if there’s another COIDS pandemic around the corner?

This is what a recent survey by the CDC showed.

It found that a huge proportion of COIDs infections have now started to appear among people who are already infected.

And these infections are also becoming more frequent.

What do we do?

This vaccine is the only vaccine that can stop CoVIDs spread.

We can vaccinate everyone who is currently infected, regardless of whether they have COIDs or not.

And we can get that vaccinated very soon.

The vaccine is available at pharmacies for free We are making sure that our pharma companies are on board.

We are giving the vaccine to everyone who has ever been infected with CoVidds and we are working on a vaccine that will work for everyone who hasn’t.

We will also be working with the manufacturers to increase supply of the CoID19 vaccination to ensure that it is ready for sale in the next few months.

We’re not giving out any money, so you won’t have to pay a lot.

But we will also continue to provide information about how to get your CoVId19 vaccine.

We know that we will receive lots of questions, so we will be answering all of them at the time.

What you need to know about CoV-19 Before you get vaccinated, there are a number things you should know about COIDS: Whooping cough and COVID have a very similar structure It’s a virus that infects people in close contact, by breathing in COIDs, coughing, sneezing, or other symptoms.

And it’s not contagious for a long time.

This means that a cough or sneeze that can’t be prevented by getting vaccinated with CoVID-1 can spread to your lungs.

This can happen, for example, in a person who is coughing in public.

It can also happen if


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