More vaccines are coming to the US this year.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the country is expected to get 23 new vaccines in 2017, the most in more than a decade.

The CDC’s latest data shows that in December 2017, vaccines for dengue and chikungunya were approved by the FDA, and there are currently 14 vaccines that have been approved.

All of these vaccines are for the influenza strain A(H1N1), which has been circulating in the US and Europe for some time now.

But a little-noticed update to the CDC’s vaccine schedule suggests that the flu pandemic could be in the works.

The update says that in February 2018, a vaccine will be released to the public, and the second one is slated to be released in 2019.

The second vaccine, called “A2” or “A”2, is scheduled to be ready in March 2019, according to the update.

The two vaccines are scheduled to come from the same company, AstraZeneca, and they will be distributed to both US and international patients in a “coverage strategy” that will be “transparent and transparent,” according to a press release.

A2, which has not been officially announced, is the third vaccine that the CDC has approved.

In the past, the agency has approved two vaccines for the A(HCV) strain, but only one for the HCV strain.

The other two vaccines, the A2A and A2B, were approved in 2016.

The announcement about A2 comes after the FDA announced that the first vaccine for the H1N2 strain will be ready to go in the next week.

It is not yet known if the US will have access to the vaccine before then.

A 2A vaccine, for example, was approved in July 2018, and it was not until February that the vaccine was made available to the world.

The release about A3 was not released until June.

That vaccine is the first A3 vaccine to be approved in the United States.

In December, the FDA approved the second vaccine for a new strain of influenza.

The US has not had a flu vaccine for two decades, and its last vaccine was approved by US Food and Drug Administration in May 2019.

But with a pandemic expected to hit the US in 2019, the vaccine will likely not be ready for a pandemics first vaccine.

The last vaccine for H1n1 was approved for use in October 2019.

A new pandemic is expected for 2019, but there is no vaccine for this new strain.

It has not yet been announced when the first flu vaccine will become available.

However, it could be a few months before the US has access to a vaccine.

That would mean that the US could be stuck with a vaccine that is too old to be effective.

This is a developing story.

For more health news, visit the US Centers for Diseases Control and HIV/AIDS.


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