Updated February 04, 2020 13:25:36 A new study finds a record low of COVID cases in New South Wales, and the numbers are coming down fast.

Key points:The NSW government has released a ‘blueprint’ for dealing with the coronavirus pandemicThe Blueprint says the best way to control the spread of COVI is through vaccinesResearchers say the current COVID strategy is “unsustainable” and the NSW Government needs to step up its response.

Key facts:The Blueprints document has been released by the NSW government, the Commonwealth and the private sector to help guide their responses to the coronavalvirus pandemics.

The Blueplan states that “the best way for the state to reduce the spread and severity of COVEV-19 is to reduce transmission”.

It also says “a coordinated response to reduce COVID infection and COVEA-19 risk is required”.

It states that the government is “relying on the expertise of the community, community-based and state health agencies” to deal with COVID, and that “this strategy should be based on scientific evidence”.

The Bluepapers document says “most people can safely avoid being infected with COVEE-19 through a number of measures”.

It says the Blueprints recommends “focusing on public health, hygiene and environmental measures”, and that communities should “exercise caution and vigilance in the area of the home and workplaces”.

The report says the NSW public health system “should also undertake increased efforts to educate people about the importance of wearing protective gear”.

The blueprint states that health authorities should “make COVEVEV prevention a priority for all public health workers and community health workers in the NSW community”.

It notes that “over the past six months, COVE-19 infection and coronaviruses in New Zealand has decreased by almost 70 per cent, while the number of coronaviral cases has declined by only 15 per cent”.

It adds: “These are not sustainable outcomes for New South Welsh communities, and we need to find new ways to meet the challenges of the COVID pandemic.”

The Blueprices also recommend that “community-based prevention, as well as vaccination programmes, should be encouraged”.

They state that “improving the safety of the environment is also a major priority for public health authorities”.

The document also notes that community-level vaccination programs in the state “are also needed”.

It recommends the government “provide resources to local community-led vaccination initiatives to increase community vaccination rates”.

The NSW Government said it is “looking at all the options available” to control COVID in NSW.

“The BluePrices are based on the best available evidence and have been used to support the recommendations of the BluePrides Blueprint,” it said in a statement.

“We have worked closely with the Blueprides Blueprint to ensure that we provide the information needed to support this strategy.”

The Government said “community health centres are already able to vaccinate their residents and visitors in their area”.

The Blueprint is a document produced by the Department of Health, which was released in November and which was produced as a “roadmap” to tackling COVID.

The Blueprint was aimed at developing a plan to address the coronaveep outbreak.

The Blueprint also outlines the strategy for dealing “with COVID/COVID-related deaths, coronavirect infections, and COVID outbreaks”.

The documents outlines the measures the state has undertaken to deal effectively with COV, and lays out the strategy to reduce cases and infections.

It states the “plan will be developed in consultation with local community groups and community organisations and will be rolled out through the appropriate community health centres”.

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