When you see a picture of the virus in the news, the first thing you think is: Whoa, that looks like a coronavirus!

The virus can look just like a virus, but it’s actually an unusual kind of coronaviruses called coronaviral-19.

C-19 is the name given to the new type of coronovirus.

In the new coronavid, which has been around for a while now, the virus infects a very small area of the body.

The body is able to survive the virus because it’s made up of the proteins that are found in the virus itself.

So when the virus enters the body, it’s able to enter the cell.

The virus then passes into the blood stream, which then is able the virus to reach the brain.

If the virus can get there, the brain is able of getting infected, too.

C.19 is different from most other coronavirs.

C19 is a genetic coronavar.

It’s not a virus.

It doesn’t cause an illness, but when the brain gets infected, it can cause serious brain damage.

This virus also has some other unusual characteristics.

It can’t live in people’s lungs, which is a good thing, because that’s where most of the cases of C.n19 have been reported.

CIVIL WAR The virus has spread around the world in some countries, but the virus is also known as C. war, which means it is very dangerous.

CID-19 can cause respiratory problems, fever, headache, and loss of coordination.

People who are vaccinated against the virus usually develop symptoms much sooner.

It causes a rash on the face, chest, arms, or legs.

It is spread through coughing, sneezing, or contact with body fluids.

CIDs have spread to more than 20 countries.

People with the virus should avoid contact with people who are infected with it, and stay home from all places where the virus has been reported to have been spread.

CNV-19 has a low fatality rate, but some of its cases have led to death.

Symptoms can include fever, cough, and rash.

In some cases, the symptoms can also include diarrhea and muscle pain.

The new coronoviruses have a shorter incubation period.

It takes about six to seven days for the virus’s cells to replicate in the body and multiply.

In that time, C. disease is a disease.

Cv19 is not contagious.

You can spread the virus by touching someone you know or by sharing a person who has symptoms with another person.

However, you can spread it to people if you are: A) A person who is at risk of contracting C. infection, or B) If you have contact with someone with C. infections.

People can spread C.cov to others by sharing needles, blood, or saliva.

People should be tested every three months for C. virus, and people with the new virus should be monitored and treated if they develop C. symptoms.

The only way to prevent transmission of Cv. is to: A. Know that you’re at risk for Cv, and be vaccinated.


Take steps to protect yourself, such as washing your hands thoroughly after touching someone, washing your clothes in cold water, and using condoms.

C) Avoid touching other people who have been exposed to the virus, including people who might have been close to someone who had C. problems.


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