The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the first wave of coronavirus vaccinations is set to begin in Los Angeles on Wednesday, with doses starting at $250 per dose, with more options available in the weeks ahead.

The first two doses will be distributed to people between the ages of 18 and 65, with another dose available for people 65 and older, the CDC says.

The first doses are expected to be given out to people in Los Angelas and Orange Counties in the next few weeks.

If you’re in LA, you can purchase the first dose online for $250 (a $10 discount) from your local pharmacy.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you’ll have to make an appointment at your local health department.

The LA County Health and Human Services Department said that people should also make an extra effort to avoid outdoor activities in the coming weeks, as the virus has become increasingly active in Southern California.

If there are any concerns, they’re being taken seriously and a call to the county’s call center is mandatory, the department said.

People who don’t have insurance or aren’t able to buy their own vaccines are encouraged to visit their local health departments and request the first doses.

In Los Angeles, the county health department said you can buy the vaccine at most health care clinics.

The second dose, which will be given in the fall, will be sold at pharmacies, according to the Los Angles County Health Department.

The department said there are no restrictions on what types of vaccines will be available, but if you are not covered by health insurance, you will need to purchase your own vaccine.

Los Angeles County Health Commissioner Susan Johnson said the first batch of vaccine will also be distributed in Los Feliz and Los Angeles City.

She said that vaccines are available at a pharmacy in both areas, and that the county will distribute doses of the second batch to patients who qualify for them.

She also said that there will be an extended supply of the first vaccine to be distributed across the county in the spring.

Johnson said the county plans to have two additional doses available in early 2019.

The vaccine is not as effective as the first and can cause serious side effects, but Johnson said that it has fewer side effects than the second.

Johnson also said the vaccines are not recommended for pregnant women.


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