By now, you’ve probably heard about the coronavirus outbreak, and how many people in your household has been diagnosed.

But you might not know what to do about your eyes after they’re infected.

Here are some tips for how to prevent eye infections.

What to do when your eyes are infectedIf you or someone you know has symptoms of the virus, it’s important to seek medical attention.

You can get a copy of your eye exam to make sure your eyes aren’t infected.

If your eyes look swollen, it might mean your eyes have contracted the virus.

If it’s not, you can seek medical help at an emergency room.

What you can do if you think you or your eyes might be infectedWhile it’s possible that your eyes may have contracted a viral infection, your symptoms are usually mild and you’re unlikely to get serious complications.

Symptoms that look severe can include:VomitingIf your eyes don’t feel good or you get a fever or get very tired, it could mean that you’ve contracted the coronivirus.

The virus spreads through sneezing, coughing, or other coughing.

It can also cause fever or sore eyes.

It’s also common for eyes to be swollen and dark.

Your eyes can also become infected when you get an injection of a medicine called an encephalitis medication.

These medicines help control your fever, cough, or sore eye.

If you have any of the following symptoms, call an ambulance or contact your doctor immediately:SeizuresSevere headacheSevere nauseaSevere difficulty swallowingSevere diarrheaSevere loss of appetiteSevere fatigueSevere weaknessSevere tiredness or weakness (including difficulty walking)The more severe the symptoms, the more likely you’re infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

These include:Severe fevers like chills and fever that can last up to 48 hoursVomitable vomitingA rapid pulse that’s rapid, shallow, or irregularSwelling in your eyes or on your face (tinnitus)Severe headaches or difficulty breathingCommon side effects include:HeadacheSevere chest painSevere feverSevere rashSevere muscle pain or weaknessSevery swollen or red areas of the body, such as:Your eyes may become red or swellIf you’re pregnant or nursing, it may make your eyes hurt or cause your eyes to itch.

If you’re older or if you have a history of eye or respiratory problems, you may have an increased risk of getting infected.

For more on how to keep your eyes healthy, visit this video:What to expect if you get infectedYou may feel better after you’re out of the hospital.

If so, contact your healthcare provider if you:Get a copy or record of your doctor’s or nurse’s prescription or order if you’re having trouble swallowing or breathingThe temperature of your eyes is usually normal after you’ve left the hospitalIf you are taking medications that make you more susceptible to the virus:Keep taking them until you’ve been tested for the virus again.

If the new test shows you’re still infected, tell your healthcare practitioner or pharmacist about the test and how you’re feeling.

Stop taking the medication immediately and contact your health care provider.

If your symptoms don’t improve or you’re unable to go to work or school, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

If they’re not severe enough to be treated, call 911 or your local emergency number.

If the symptoms are severe enough, call your healthcare professional or get an ambulance.

You might need to be hospitalized for observation.

What are the symptoms of coronaviruses?

If you think your eyes and mouth are infected, contact an emergency physician right away.

If symptoms of a coronaviral infection are severe, call a healthcare professional.

What can you do if your eyes become infected?

In most cases, it takes a few days for the coronovirus to make your eye symptoms worse, but some people can experience serious complications, including:Fever and chillsThat usually lasts for up to a week or longerAfter you get the coronvirus, the virus usually spreads quickly.

People usually feel sick for a few weeks after symptoms start.

You may also have an ear infection, a sore throat, or a sore or swollen eye.

The more serious your symptoms, like swelling or fever, the worse they are.

This means that you can get more severe complications and longer-term problems, such a scarring or bleeding.

Your doctor can recommend a course of treatment to help you manage your symptoms.

In severe cases, the coronampirus can cause severe complications.

These include a hemorrhagic fever, severe pneumonia, or death.

The CDC says that the symptoms can last for months or even years.

When you have symptoms of severe coronaviroclavirus, your doctor may:Call an ambulance if you or anyone you know is sick or has severe signs of dehydration, shock, or shock, including severe


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