A group of health care professionals in the United States is struggling to find new ways to cope as the country’s coronavirus pandemic continues to spread.

A survey conducted by the New England Healthcare Association (NEHA) this week found that the number of Americans diagnosed with COVID infections is up nearly fourfold in the past month, with more than 5,000 cases.

The numbers of cases have been rising steadily since late November, when the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand were first to announce they had reported a large number of cases, according to the NEHA.

The United States has yet to officially report its first case.

The NEHA survey also found that nearly one in five Americans are suffering from COVID and that nearly half of them are suffering the disease for the first time.

“We’re in a critical period of time where we’re dealing with an unprecedented number of COVIDs,” NEHA President and CEO Steve Haney told CNN in an interview.

“So we’re just trying to get a handle on what that means and how we can help our patients and patients who need our help.”

While most of the COVID outbreaks in the US are in the Northeast and West, the majority of COVI cases are occurring in the South and Midwest, which are not in a state of high infection, according the CDC.

In recent weeks, states in the south and Midwest have been seeing an increase in COVID incidents, particularly in the counties of Kentucky and Tennessee, which have seen the most COVID deaths in the country.

In the first three months of this year, Kentucky reported the most cases of COVAVID-16, the most prevalent coronaviruses in the state, with nearly 3,000 confirmed cases and 6,400 deaths.

In Alabama, where there were more than 7,000 COVID patients statewide, the number was nearly 8,000, the second most in the nation.

The Northeast also saw a large spike in COV-19 cases, with 2,200 cases, more than twice the number reported in the Midwest.

In New Jersey, there were about 1,000 new cases and 2,100 deaths, according TOG Data.

The Southern states are also seeing an uptick in COVE-19, with 8,600 cases and nearly 3% of the nation’s total deaths reported.

Meanwhile, the West is seeing a massive surge in COVD cases, which has resulted in at least 11 new coronavires cases and at least 3 deaths.

The United States now has about 2.4 million people infected with COV and more than 300,000 have died.

The death toll from COVE has reached nearly 1.5 million, according HealthCare.gov.

“It’s difficult for us to see that we are still a relatively small part of the global pandemic,” Dr. Steven E. Goodman, president and CEO of the New York City-based New York-Presbyterian Hospital System, told CNN.

“We have a very small population in this country, and so our role is to help the rest of the world deal with the COVI.”

In many areas of the country, the outbreak is spreading in the face of a nationwide lockdown and the closure of schools, as well as the lockdown of major hospitals.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the New Jersey hospital system, which reported the highest number of new COVID diagnoses in New Jersey last month, has announced it will be closing all of its emergency rooms and will stop accepting patients.

While the hospital system has received its share of criticism for its response, Goodman told CNN that he believes the system is doing a good job of containing the outbreak.

“They’re really taking the heat from the community,” Goodman said.

“The system has responded to the public health concerns, and the public is coming to understand that.

And we’re in the midst of a pandemic.

We’re not doing well.”

According to Goodman, many hospitals have received more than $3 billion in federal funding, and some have seen an uptick as more cases come to light.

He said that despite the recent increase in infections, the New Yorkers who have been impacted by the COV crisis are more resilient than the residents of other states.

“When we saw the increase in the COVE cases, we were very concerned that we were going to see an increase.

And then we saw that the COVAIDS, we saw a spike in the deaths, so we were really, really surprised by the response,” he said.

The CDC and NEHA have been working together to develop strategies for dealing with the crisis, and they are working with health care providers and local and state governments to help them make the most of this opportunity.

“There’s been a tremendous response to this crisis.

It’s been an amazing opportunity for us and a huge responsibility for us, to make sure that we’re able to provide the


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