AZ – A man in his 60s died in a nursing home after contracting the highly contagious coronavirus, according to a health department official.

Infection has now been confirmed in eight of 10 people who have been hospitalized there, including three of the people who were recently discharged.

The other four people have recovered.

Authorities said that all but one of the deaths are due to complications of the infection.

“The patient’s health was stabilized and he was taken to the hospital,” said state epidemiologist David Einhorn, who heads the state health agency.

A total of 10 Arizonas have been confirmed with coronaviruses, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The death was the 10th confirmed in the state, but the CDC does not know how many are alive.

Arizonans who have contracted coronaviral infections have to wear masks when they go to work, go to public places, and use public transportation.

The state health office said it has not been able to determine the source of the outbreak, but is investigating all possible sources of infection.

The death came just hours after state health officials reported another death in a different facility, this time from the same coronavirin virus.

The two deaths came just days after a CDC official said that Arizona had confirmed 20 more deaths from the disease.