The rise of the coronavirus has led to an unprecedented spike in the number of US women who have tested positive for the virus.

And it is only getting worse, with the number now approaching one in three of those who have been tested, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

It is a worrying development that is sure to come as a shock to the country’s doctors, who are already dealing with the fallout of the virus, and the thousands of women who will now have to choose between taking the pill or not taking it.

“We’re going to have a huge jump in cases in terms of our patients, and it will be a huge concern for us,” said Dr Mark Frieden, director of the CDC.

The latest data from the CDC shows the US has more than 1,500 new coronaviruses, including the latest one, COVID-19. “

That’s going to be a real burden on our doctors, and we have to plan for that.”

The latest data from the CDC shows the US has more than 1,500 new coronaviruses, including the latest one, COVID-19.

This latest spike is the first time that the number has been higher than the peak of 1,000 in the early months of the pandemic, which was caused by the coronas pandemic in 2014.

The spike has been blamed on increased awareness of the illness among healthcare workers, and a change in the way coronaviral drugs are administered.

“The number of new cases is going to spike,” said Frieden.

There are already reports of a surge in COVID cases among men, too. “

It will also do that in terms and scope of the work we have.”

There are already reports of a surge in COVID cases among men, too.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has said the number is “well above the normal increase of new coronas infections in men” and that “there has been a significant increase in male-specific COVID infections in the United States”.

The CDC says this trend is likely to continue in the coming weeks, with more people coming into contact with the virus through unprotected sex and other behaviours.

But Frieden said that as of now, “there are very few cases in men”.

“We don’t have the numbers to tell us why,” he said.

“But we do have some things to work with.” 

While the increase in new cases among women is worrying, there is also a more general concern that the virus will spread in other ways.

“What we’re seeing in the data is that women are going to start getting a higher proportion of cases,” said Amy Smith, senior health economist at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“I think that we’re going, as a nation, to see the virus reach more and more women.”

The CDC also released new data showing that the coronavalve outbreak has led women to more than double their use of emergency contraception in the past year.

In an effort to get more women on the pill, there are some women who are opting to stay home.

“I’ve never heard of anyone who has been really turned off by the pill,” said Smith.

“They think, ‘Well, I’ll go get a pill.

If I have a headache, I don’t want to go to work and go home.

It’s OK to stay at home with the kids, I think.'”

There is also the fact that the pill has made it easier for some women to keep the flu at bay.

Smith said that while some women are still going to feel the strain of having to take the pill during the flu season, it is “a lot more manageable now than it was a couple of years ago”. 

Meanwhile, a woman in Florida has been diagnosed with COVID.

She had been taking a daily dose of the flu vaccine in the hope that it would protect her against the coronave virus, but her doctors said the vaccine has failed to protect her.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that it was not immediately clear if the woman had been exposed to the virus or if she had a genetic predisposition to the coronaves disease.

For now, she is being treated for COVID at a hospital in Florida.


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