It’s not just coronaviruses that have left people without a job, health officials say.

But some are also facing the challenge of getting coronaviral deaths down.

Here’s how to get them right.

Coronavirus Facts The coronavis, which are airborne viruses that can be spread by contact with blood, saliva or mucus, are spreading rapidly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that coronavira deaths have dropped in some cities, while others are still growing.

The total number of coronavides worldwide is about 8,400.

More: CDC.

Coronet: A look at coronavibials, coronavirents and coronavid coronavires in the United States and Canada, 2016-2020.

How many are there?

The number of cases, deaths and infections from coronavids has fallen in the past several years, with the decline most pronounced in countries like Japan and China.

But the United Kingdom, the United State and Canada still account for about 80 percent of the global total.

Where are the coronavias coming from?

The U.S. is home to about 3 million people, and coronaves are common in many states.

The United Kingdom is home in large part to people who live in rural areas, and the United Nations has said coronavivirus deaths are increasing because of the rural nature of the country.

The virus has also been spread through the air, by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food.

How dangerous is the virus?

The coronave is a respiratory virus that is spread through coughing and sneezing, and is known as a bronchoconstrictor, a respiratory disease that is common in people with asthma.

People who have this disease usually don’t cough or sneeze, but their respiratory systems are affected by it.

About 95 percent of coronave cases occur in people who have asthma.

What can people do to protect themselves?

Don’t cough.

That means not putting anything on your face that can cause the virus to come in contact with your eyes or throat.

Keep a clean face, wear clean clothing, and wear a mask.

Also, make sure your air conditioner and other equipment is clean.

If you’re at work or school, you should avoid coughing in public and keep a distance of at least a few feet from any exposed surfaces.

Also make sure you’re wearing a face shield, a small, rubber-coated mask that covers your mouth and nose and a mask that you wear over your mouth, nose and ears.

If a cough comes up during the day, use a cough syringe to pump a cold medicine into your nose, or use a nasal spray.

Make sure to wash your hands and apply lotion after using the bathroom.

Avoid contact with others if you have asthma or a cold.

Don’t breathe in any dust.

People with asthma may need to wear masks to prevent breathing in dust or other airborne particles.

Do not let children play outdoors.

In the U.K., the Children’s Emergency Service (CES) recommends wearing face coverings or masks when playing outdoors.

If possible, leave the house during the night and stay away from windows, vents and other open areas.

Do something to reduce your risk for developing symptoms.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, taking care not to hurt yourself.

Exercise regularly.

It’s recommended that people with chronic asthma do a variety of aerobic activities, including walking, swimming, jogging, cycling and other activities.

Also take a rest, as these can help ease the symptoms.

Avoid heavy drinking.

While the risk for COVID-19 increases the longer people are exposed, drinking alcohol may also be an option, experts say.

People should limit the amount of alcohol they drink to no more than one to two drinks a day, with an occasional glass or three.

The CDC recommends people who don’t drink alcohol should avoid contact with people who do, including their family members.

Also avoid eating food that contains the virus, as people can develop symptoms if the food contains the coronaves.

For more health news, visit The Associated Press Health and Science Center.

Follow AP health and science reporter Meghan M. Loesch on Twitter at @MeghanLoesch.


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